Friday, September 08, 2006

The soon to be very wrong Top 25 preview...

In no particular order, here are scores while I wonder whatever happened to this former Vol...

No. 13 Louisville at Temple:

Michael Bush is gone for the Cards, but at least Bill Cosby won't be suiting up for the Owls.

Louisville 54, Temple 7

Central Michigan at No. 10 Michigan:

The Chippewas played BC tough last week, but Michigan's creampuff early schedule pays dividends.

Michigan 42, C. Michigan 10

No. 16 Va. Tech at North Carolina:

Now that Marcus Vick is gone, people are safe to roam McDonald's parking lots on the road. I can't watch a Hokies game without being mesmerized by Frank Beamer's neck, which will probably have its own reality show in Blacksburg before too long.

Va. Tech 31, North Carolina 3

No. 4 Auburn at Mississippi State

Was South Carolina's offense that bad or Mississippi State's defense that good? Another tough test for Sylvester Croom, as Tommy Tuberville brings his tractor to Starkville.

Auburn 45, Mississippi State 0

Eastern Washington at No. 6 West Virginia

The over/under on the number of couches torched after the game is 8. The game should be over 5 minutes before kickoff.

West Virginia 63, Eastern Washington 7, Couches 8

Nicholls State at No. 21 Nebraska

When did Nicholls become a state? Why is Nebraska playing these guys? Is Tommy Lee still drumming in the Nebraska band? Why so many question marks?

Nebraska 70, Nicholls State 10

Washington at No. 15 Oklahoma

Ah, the good old days when Don James used to have the Huskies playing great ball in one of the prettiest stadiums in the country. Sure, I sound like this guy but the Huskies used to be a good team...and now, they will get run over by the Sooner Schooner.

Oklahoma 38, Washington 13

No. 19 Penn State at No. 4 Notre Dame

Let's see what we have here--we have everyone's favorite Grandpa coach who doesn't say "Dadgum" all the time vs. the Golden Dome blimp, Charlie Weis. Notre Dame tries to prove that they weren't lucky against Georgia Tech while the Penn State trainers spend half the day trying to get Joe Pa to stop yelling "tell those damn kids to get off my lawn!"

Notre Dame 16, Penn State 10

No. 18 Clemson at Boston College

My upset special--Daddy always said don't trust a Bowden, so I figure its going to go into affect here.

Boston College 24, Clemson 17

No. 14 Iowa at Syracuse

How has Syracuse fallen so far so fast? In the Vols national championship year, they played tough and almost won--now, they have become one of the worst teams in NCAA Division I football. Sure, the crowd will be in it, but the Carrier Dome will be a miserable place to be by halftime.

Iowa 44, Syracuse 13

Troy at No. 9 Florida State

Great defense, no offense for the Seminoles, but they still got a win in Miami. Should be easier this week against a team made of these Troys but I don't see it happening...

Florida State 38, Troy 7

UCF at No. 7 Florida

Trap game #1 as the Gators get ready to head to Knoxville next week. George O'Leary has already written the game story where the Golden Knights win, but the rest of us will have to wait...

Florida 42, UCF 14

Arizona at No. 8 LSU

A Stoops heads to LSU as the head of Arizona, but will the Wildcats have any luck against the Tigers? Well, uh, no...

LSU 31, Arizona 9

Florida A&M at No. 17 Miami

The only way that the Rattlers have a chance to win is if they turn this into a battle of the bands...Miami is pissed after their loss, so A&M should just be happy this "soldier" is now in Cleveland...

Miami 66, Florida A&M 0, Marching 100 10

UC-Davis at No. 23 TCU

Sure, the I-AA UC-Davis Aggies beat Stanford last year, but then again, who didn't?

TCU 35, UC-Davis 16

Air Force at No. 11 Tennessee

Trap Game #2--the Vols have Florida coming in next week, Air Force has nothing to lose and are having their season opener...none of which probably matters.

Tennessee 44, Air Force 10

Minnesota at No. 22 Cal

The Gophers have won 17 straight regular season games against nonconference opponents, but they have to deal with a Cal team that got their lunch handed to them last week by Tennessee. Actually, one of the better games of the weekend...

Cal 21, Minnesota 17

No. 12 Georgia at South Carolina

Could this be the big win that the Ol' Ball Coach needs? Can the Bulldogs put away the Gamecocks? Bunch o' subplots going in this one, but it should be an excellent game, if South Carolina can move the ball.

Georgia 24, South Carolina 20

No. 24 Texas Tech at UTEP

The Miners of UTEP went to a bowl game last year and have put up some impressive numbers on the offensive side of the ball...something that Texas Tech is famous for. Should be a great game that will last about 5 hours, which will piss off Coach Price of UTEP, who just wants to get to the strip club for the early bird special.

UTEP 42, Texas Tech 38

No. 20 Oregon at Fresno State

I think I always want to root against Oregon because of their uniforms, but this is another game that should be fun to watch. Coach Pat Hill is famous for being willing to have his Bulldogs play anyone, anywhere and he might get some good results this time.

Fresno State 27, Oregon 24

Nevada at No. 25 Arizona State

Things are in disarray in the desert as the Sun Devils try to deal with all of the ruckus caused by their QB situation. Nevada is a very good team, but the Sun Devils should have just enough.

Arizona State 20, Nevada 16

No. 1 Ohio State at No. 2 Texas

Really, what can be said that hasn't been said yet? Not much, but I just can't trust a QB named after a horse...and if OSU loses, I have a feeling Carl Monday will be on his way to Austin to investigate everyone...

Ohio State 28, Texas 21


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