Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tennessee vs. Air Force...the lowdown.

Erik Ainge now looks like a hero and not the short bus rider that he emulated throughout 2005...The Great Pumpkin (aka Phil Fulmer) looks like a genius for getting David Cutcliffe to come back to Tennessee (and how come no one talks about the fact that he was going to be at Notre Dame before his heart or whatever it was blew up) and everyone in Tennessee is happy.

With all that being said, how can you really root against a service academy? I know that people in the various services root for their academy and against all others, but how do you root against one? Tennessee should push them around the field (although I do like watching a team run the Wishbone) but its like rooting for the neighborhood bully. You root for the bully, you know he's going to win and its root for the underdog, one of two things are going to happen--the underdog gets beaten badly and no one is happy or even worse, the underdog wins, there is much rejoicing and the underdog is happy. Of course, that happiness is fleeting and they wind up trying to relive that high point in their life until they reach the point that they are snorting coke off a stripper's tits while trying to rob a liquor store, but its not the same feeling of excitement as winning that big game...

I'm rambling, but remember that analogy next time Montana State beats Colorado...anyway, my prediction:

Tennessee 42, Air Force 14


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