Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome to Fredwings...

Sports can be a messy...from being a fan and watching your team crash and burn (thanks, Red Sox) or being a part of a league doing its best to screw itself into the ground. (thanks, Gary Bettman)

Anyway, Fredwings is going to be the outlet for whatever sports, idiocy and other things I have going on in my head...just think of it as a lovely little oasis of insanity out there. Fuck, I think I have been writing TV and radio promos too long.

The name comes from a hockey buddy of mine, a guy I played college club hockey with who never, ever washed his gear. The rookies had to get dressed near him and they would get dressed faster the longer the season wore on. This guy, named Fred, was famous for enjoying a particularly disgusting practice with the ladies, which he said was OK because it always reminded him of the team he always thought he would be playing for if he became a pro hockey player. Of course, he had to always tell everyone about how he had earned his "Fred Wings"...and the name has stuck with me.

So, welcome to Fred Wings, people. Enjoy.


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